Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jen Costa interviews Murray Dewart

Murray Dewart - If the road forks, take it.

It was down pouring when I arrived at Murray Dewarts’ studio. Set nicely behind Dewarts’ home, his studio is one that any person, with any artistic hobby, would be ecstatic to have. It is filled with his past and present works, some small, some larger, some wood, some stone, some metal. Looking at some of his work, initially you feel that there is some type of Asian based influence. However, Dewart says that it is just how he is responding to the forms that seemed to work. These works, in a roundabout way, stemmed from a Call for sculpture that Mayor Flynn had sent out in 1989. Dewart came up with his idea for the sculpture one day when he walked into a chinese food restaurant and realized that 1990 was the Year of the Horse in the Chinese Zodiac. So he decided to create his Pegasus Arch which was chosen as the winner.

The story just begins here. After the competition, Dewart was storing the very large and very heavy Pegasus Arch on a friends piece of land. Dewart then had a big show that was coming up in which he had a big space to fill. So he started cutting up the Pegasus Arch in order to fit the steel and wood into his truck. Out of these pieces came his new pieces of sculpture, the ones that some refer to as having an Asian feel. It all took off from there and Dewart says that he is still following that moment.

Dewart attended Harvard College as an English Major and never took a sculpture class until his last year in college. Through this class he was able to get back in touch with what he loved to do. The road forked for him, so he took it. Some forty years later, he is still doing what he loves and never looked back. Dewart says that in art, you have to reinvent yourself everyday. He also said that you have to honor you initial decision, which he has been doing for the past forty years.

- submitted by Jen Costa, Boston Sculptors Gallery intern

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