Monday, November 22, 2010

Featured Artist: Sally Fine

Sally Fine’s latest show at the Boston Sculptors Gallery will instantly give you the intense desire to travel. Her brightly colored ceramic figures are reminiscent of folk art from island communities. If you have ever been to an island outside of the United States, either on a cruise or vacation, then you know what I mean. As Fine walked me through her show, I couldn’t help but desire to go on vacation to see more of this art. While in the Dominican Republic, Fine explained that everyday at 4:00 pm, these girls from a nearby school would come outside and they would be wearing these rich colors, and had such rich skin. Fine was entranced by these colors and decided to use them in her work.

Fine also incorporated boats and fish hooks into some of her work. Boats are seen in the Dominican Republic as an escape while we in the United States see them as a means of travel, or vacation.

Fine has traveled, in the past three years, to places such as La Romana, in the Dominican Republic, Spanish Wells in the Bahamas, and Vallauris, France. These experiences outside the country have greatly influenced her current work. Fine has even incorporated hair from one of her students in La Romana into one of her ceramic pieces. However, all of this traveling necessitated that Fine adapt to her environment. For example, in La Romana, Fine had to work with minimal studio equipment which caused her work to become smaller in scale where her prior works were much larger in scale. In Vallauris, Fine spoke enough French to get by but could not communicate with others, so she found a book shop that sold English language books, which were hard to find, and went there frequently. This bookstore and books greatly influenced Fine’s piece, Coordinates: SE, E, and SW.

As for Fine’s future work, she says she will continue to use fishing wire and most likely will get larger in scale, but she will be done with ceramics for the time being. We’ll have to wait and see what art comes from her future travel plans. Fine’s work is on view at Boston Sculptors Gallery through December 12. Submitted by Jen Costa, Boston Sculptors Gallery intern.

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