Friday, June 15, 2012

Stirring the Waters: Part 3 of 6 - Installation

by Boston Sculptor Jessica Straus

After a satisfying and fun breakfast (who knew you could laugh this much at 7:30 in the morning?) we all set of to the Sculpture Center for a full day of installation. Intrepid rental van driver, Andy Zimmerman, greeted us in the parking lot. He had begun his installation a couple days earlier with the help of generous and genteel Malcolm.

Ann directed the placements of our sculptures and we all buckled down to work:
                             Julia Shepley

     Marilu Swett                              Hannah Verlin

Here’s Laura Evans, just finished with her installation, stretching out near Peter Haines’s work:

Sculpture Center Director, Ann Albano, made very thoughtful juxtapositions and as the show came together we could see how well the work flowed from one artist to the next. We were very appreciative of the help of the three Sculpture Center interns, Bobby, Emily, and Lauren, all graduates or current students of the nearby Cleveland Art Institute. Oh darn! I didn't get a photo of wonderful Lauren! Well, here’s Bobby and Emily:


Here’s Ann Albano and Marilu Swett discussing the placement of Marilu’s Heartbeat piece:


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