Thursday, June 30, 2011

Roz Driscoll Residency at Space, Dartington Hall, Devon UK

During the month of April, Roz Driscoll had the first artist’s residency at Space, Dartington Hall, Devon, UK, in preparation for a collaborative multi-sensory installation, Just Under the Surface, in Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, London, UK, May 6-19, 2011

April was the warmest, driest, earliest spring in English memory, providing me with a glorious month at Dartington Hall, a 2000 acre estate in Devon with a rich legacy in progressive education, environmental practices and the arts. The extraordinary gardens, grounds and community of Dartington Hall and town of Totnes created the context for a rich, productive month. I worked in a spacious studio in the former home of the renowned Dartington College of the Arts, where I made sculptures and drawings in preparation for the installation in London.


In London, we installed Just Under the Surface, an immersive, multi-sensory installation in the Crypt Gallery, a labyrinthine crypt under St Pancras Church. My collaborators, with whom I had worked for over a year on the project, were Tereza Stehlikova, film-maker, Bonnie Kemske, ceramacist, and Anais Tondeur, textile artist. We considered the crypt our fifth collaborator.

Drawing on the mythological imagery of the neoclassical church of St Pancras, I envisioned the crypt as the Greek underworld—Hades, land of the dead. Five rivers flowed through Hades: Lethe, river of forgetfulness; Styx, river of hate; Cocytus, lamentation; Acheron, sorrow and pain; and Phlegethon, fire. I had made the five rivers in my studio in Massachusetts during the winter and shipped them to London. During the Dartington residency I added two rivers to reflect the modern psyche: the rivers of disconnection and meaninglessness. The installation was richly sensory and immersive, engaging visitors in body and soul.

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(images below L to R: River of Disconnection, River of Fire, River of Hate, River of Meaninglessness)

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